Givers Forum,

Security checks on Givers Forum is finally over!!

1/24/2017 10:20:00 am GIVERS FORUM 0 Comments


Yes Givers Forum is fully back stronger and bolder. We thank you for your steadfastness. As you can see, the IT guys are doing all they can, to give us the most stable and dependable platform against all odds. We are still not free from attacks, no platform of this nature can ever be, but the One who always fights for the defenseless is with us, we will always get up.

Your community now has a new look and can be accessed from these two domains only: home page at: and your office at Any other sites should be ignored for now.

Efforts were made to clear as many pending issues as possible but as you know, all cannot be cleared at once, if yours is still lingering, kindly bear with us it will soon be cleared especially issues of Failed Transactions and Fake Tellers.
The best way to keep this community ever strong and alive is to shun the voices of detractors and focus on our mission of wealth redistribution which is only achievable by incessant PH and GH, it's the livewire of our community, with this, it shall be difficult for anyone to suffer any loss on the long run.

If you have not PHed this year, please do so immediately for you to access pending earnings, encourage your team members to honour their pledges and if any of them uploaded fake pop, they should go and pay up urgently for everyone to have peace, speak life into the community and not kill it with your mouth, launch out boldly to recruit new people with genuine spirit just like yours and together let us shame the devil. United we will always stand.

The channel of communication remains same, open a ticket on your PO and patiently wait to be attended to bearing in mind that the community is growing every second so are the issues.

We thank you once again for insisting you will have the last laugh. May your strength be renewed in all you set out to achieve in 2017 as you have a good ride.

Keep Giving, Keep Growing and Keep being the answer your generation needs.

God Bless Givers Forum