Givers Forum,

Good news!!! Please read to the end.

1/17/2017 12:10:00 pm GIVERS FORUM 0 Comments

Dear Great Givers,

The storm is calming down, things are looking up for your dear community.

The security checks will be a continuous thing for now but as we promised, many changes have occurred on the platform which we believe you must have been noticing. We hope you have done your own part of the cleaning up (Reevaluating your team members). This is the time to show solidarity to a platform that has liberated many souls. To redress the many issues that arose from the serial system attacks, the following situations have been effected on the platform:

1. All accounts banned due to system failures have been reopened.

2. All transactions and bonuses are back in place.

3. The security strengthened and more fortified.

4. Fake POP issues have been left deliberately to give culprits enough time to repent and pay up till Monday 16th January 2017 when the remaining ones shall be outrightly cleared.

5. Membership of the platform now thoroughly scrutinized and affirmed.

6. Members can now willingly terminate their accounts instead of causing troubles in the community.

7. Referral Details are now included in all transactions notice for easy communication.

8. The support system is now enhanced for optimal and effective response to issue.

9. Serious work is still ongoing to rematch all failed transactions and correct the issues of over matching, under matching and erroneous transactions caused by severe attacks on the system. all issues shall be sorted out within two weeks God willing, that’s a promise we will never go back on.


As we all know, the only human efforts that can sustain a platform like this, is for members to uphold the SPIRIT OF GIVING without looking back and everyone to treat one another with love and compassion. In that wise, the following inbuilt values will have to be upheld by participants who wish to be called true GIVERS:

1. From now on, all members must Provide Help and Get Help at least once a month. Any account that does not uphold this, shall be tagged a dormant account and shall be suspended till the owner reactivate such account by Providing Help again.

2. Due to the fact that many participants only GHed during the Christmas period while many refused to honour their pledges leading to many failed transactions, for anyone to Get Help for now, he must Provide Help to the tune of at least 30% of the amount he wishes to GH, this is to ensure a stable platform since it is a Give and Take programme and there’s no way to receive unless somebody is giving. This is a one off thing, normal transactions commence after the new PH has been honoured.

 Many old members have been found to simply rely on collecting Referral Bonuses without Providing Help in the recent past, this is not healthy for a community built on integrity and communal supports, we all must practice what we preach.

3. Bringing people into this community is a great responsibility, it’s like standing surety for somebody in opening a bank account, therefore, henceforth, members are not permitted to be careless with their usernames so criminals don’t keep populating the community. Allow only people you can vouch for to register with your username.

4. If a member fails to pay up his pledge after being matched or he uploads fake Proof of payment, he forfeits his membership and his upline (the member who brought him into the community) have all the bonuses on his own Earnings cleared off leaving only his donations intact.

5. Too many people have been getting away with the crime of causing innocent people pains, once again, please call all your team members to share these new points with them and ask anyone who is no longer interested to kindly terminate his accounts so that from now, moving forward, everyone can account for his team members and we build a strong and trustworthy family, no matter how few we are.

Givers Forum can outlive this generation if we all choose to make it our own contribution to humanity. Please pardon all errors and let’s move on together in unity of purpose.

We surely will keep you posted as the clean up exercise continues and we move the community to the next level. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

Keep Giving, Keep Growing and Keep being the answer your generation needs.

God bless us all.