Affordable housing is real and possible in Nigeria.. SEE HOW!!

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Welcome To FREEDOM

Welcome to a life of total freedom. FREEDOM is an empowerment program created to lift up humanity and grant them financial freedom without having to sweat endlessly.

Our main focus is PROVISION OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING for Nigerians but because the majority of the citizens are poor and live on low income, we have a duty of empowering our members economically using modern ways of generating credible and stress-free passive income with which they can move into their own houses with ease.

The major goal of FREEDOM is to liberate Nigerians from the difficulties experienced by people through unemployment, underemployment, wanton poverty, poor infrastructures and lack of credit facilities with which to take a leap in life especially owning a house.

If people can earn more, the quality of their lives will increase, they can eat the kind of food they want, live in their own houses being free from burdens of rents, send their children to good schools etc. Therefore, FREEDOM also provides the opportunity for our members to have a steady growing source of income supporting them to enjoy good things of life and live in decent houses.
With FREEDOM, any man can become anything he desires. Every man can FLY.

You too can!

-Reduce the number of tenants through our Become a Landlord projects
-While members work towards owning their own houses, we help reduce the burden of rents by getting Landlords to give out their houses at a discount while we also prevail on Affiliate Agents to charge only 1% Agency Fee and 1% Legal Fee on all transactions involving our members.
-Increase the earning capacities of our members so as to make housing acquisition become easy.
-Build a community of loving, caring and compassionate people.
-Serve as watchdog to government institutions created to make life comfortable for Nigerians.
-Empowerment and Educational programmes.
-Skill Acquisition for those who are in or are interested in housing industry.

Our main focus is to reduce the number of tenants in Nigeria and indeed Africa, to achieve our goals, we need people of good intention and that\\\'s why we created a compensation system that rewards every effort but without leaving anyone behind. The slogan, Survival of the Fittest can never help any society, so our programme carries along every member including the weak ones.

Everyone gains his FREEDOM on this platform. All you need is to hold the hands of just two people and your life will never remain the same. Join us and spread the good news. In one month, you will be earning good income, meet and relate with good people and have access to interest-free loan without collateral which are capable of moving you from rented apartment to your own house.

You need no educational qualification, just be an adult, register with N10,000 and introduce two new active people and be on your way to becoming a landlord.

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