Angela's Shadow - Episode 2

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After Alicia and Ralph found Jane on the floor at the crash site, they rushed her to the hospital and quickly called her parents. Meanwhile,Ralph had already put a call through to Mr and Mrs Felix to inform them of the accident and also to tell them that Angela was missing from the scene of the accident. They quickly rushed over to the hospital to see Jane and find out more about their missing daughter to hear the sad news. Alicia was in tears on the hospital floor. Ralph was restless as no one knew where Angela was. He left the hospital and set out to the police station to report her missing. 

After a while, Alicia fell asleep and and saw Angela's face flash past her. She woke up with a start, looked around and saw her parents also sleeping on the hospital chair. She stood up and walked to the room where Jane was lying. She happened to discover Jane's cell phone on the side table. She picked it up and fortunately there was no security code. She scrolled through the phone and found a text message conversation between Jane and a guy names Joseph. Jane had arranged with Joseph to get Angela from the club that night and take her to a secret warehouse but Joseph arrived late and Jane couldn't wait so she drove Angela there herself before the accident happened.  
Alicia took the phone and left with it. She called Ralph to give him the update on what she had found while the police started a search for Angela. They both went to Jane's office to search her computer for any record of Joseph and who he really was. They found out that Joseph was her brother and he was the guy seated at the table that had eyes on Angela`. She also remembered him hovering around them when the ladies were at the garden having fun.
Ralph and Jane got confused. They let the police keep on the search but decided to trace Joseph on their own. 

Mr Felix and his wife had to go back home the next day to rest and also clean up. He was so worried and restless that Angela was missing that he was beginning to develop a high blood pressure. He went to Angela's room and  picked up her picture that was on her bedside table and stared at it for several minutes. He flashed back to when she was a child,always telling him how she was going to get married to a rich man and have so many kids. He broke down in tears. Mrs Felix walked into the rook and saw him on the floor in tears.

"You shouldn't worry. The police are on the case and I'm confident they'll find her." She said 

"She's the only part of her mother I really had. She can't just go like that. Who will look after the company while I'm gone?" He said 

She hugged him and tried consoling him "Don't worry about that,honey. There is always another way" she said and managed a weak smile. 

Jane later got discharged from the hospital after the pressure was off her. She went to an eatery to relax and have a late lunch. Then her phone rang.

CALLER: Did you succeed? 

JANE: I think I did. She bought the idea that it was my phone she took and now the poor lady has gone in search of Joseph 

CALLER: Hahaha. Smart move. I hope they find the sight of his dead body entertaining.

JANE: Oh yes they will. Now we move to phase 2 of the plan. Hope you sent your boys to intercept Angela. Because they left immediately after we faked the accident. 

CALLER: Don't worry about that. Miss Angela Felix is in good hands and out of reach from any search force. Now, let me give the police a call to visit Joseph's house and pay Alicia and Ralph a surprise visit. 

They both laughed and planned to set Alicia and Ralph up with murder