Angela's Shadow -Episode 1

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Mr Felix lost his wife in a tragic car accident. He lived alone with his daughter Angela. He was a very wealthy man and had friends who occupied various seats of power coming to visit him daily. His daughter,Angela, was all grown up and lived independently working as a high government official. Mr Felix decided he needed to re-marry since he had passed the sorrowful phase of his loss. He took in his former love Miss Amanda who is also a widow. She lived with her daughter, Alicia, who is a year younger than Angela. 
A few months after, Mr Felix married Amanda.She became a mother to the girls and a caring wife to Mr Felix. Alicia was introduced into the family business by her step sister Angela and worked under her while running her own personal businesses. 
Some years later Mr Felix invited a few of his friends to a family dinner. Senators, ministers and other top class people in the society were among his guests. Alicia invited a  few friends of hers to the dinner also. Young and successful business men were also in attendance but of all the people there, a certain young man caught the attention of Angela... Ralph Leonard. The son of a very successful businessman and owner of three successful fuel stations around the country.

 She could almost feel her skin melt away leaving her soul naked and her emotions shown.  Unknown to her, Jane, a business partner has been having personal feelings for Ralph as well. Their eyes were both set on this young man without his knowledge. Ralph was a 25 year old CEO of a paper and publishing company as well as the general manager of his fathers company. 

On the other hand, there was another young man seated at the same table who also had eyes for Angela. Unlike Alicia, Angela was light skinned with a perfect body shape and a puppy cute face while Alicia was a bit dark skinned with long hair and the body of a model and a face not as cute as Angela's but with attractive eyes. 
As the dinner progressed, a few people were given the chance to speak on some projects and also some expressed their appreciations to Mr Felix. Ralph spoke on behalf of his dad. But all through his speech, his eyes were fixed on Angela's. Alicia noticed what was going on and smiled. She sent a message to Angela telling her teasing her about her new found crush.

Once the dinner was over, everyone walked around and sat in groups talking and laughing about personal issues. The girls and their friends sat outside in the garden while some young men stood not so far away from them. Ralph couldn't help but stare at Angela as she spoke and laughed hard. It was almost like she was the only one he could see in the garden. He watched her almost all through until she left her girls to take a call. His friends motivated him to also fake a call and move towards her. The two stood side by side, both on the phone but gazing at each other and making funny gestures at one another. Soon after the calls, Ralph walked up to Angela and introduced himself. They got along quite well. It seemed like the beginning of a love story and a win for the two but unknown to them Jane stood behind them. She growled angrily and walked away. 

That was the first time Angela and Ralph had met and it had been nothing but a perfect first meeting but Jane had always been bitter about Angela being so favored. She also had feelings Ralph but never stood a chance. Jane and Ralph were once an item but her ego and attitude pushed him away to her best friend, Angela. 

A few weeks later, Ralph organized a get together with family and friends. He made it look like a dinner party but planned to propose to Angela. This hurt Jane so bad she couldn't bare it. She left the building unnoticed by anyone except Alicia.

Alicia on the other hand had been having a secret relationship with her friend Mike but kept telling people they were just friends. She notices Jane's awkward behavior towards Ralph and her sister. Alicia carefully followed Jane to the back of the house. She could hear Jane from a distance speaking to someone. All she could pick up from the conversation was:

"I can't do this anymore. I'm tired of pretending. I should've done this two years ago when she messed me up but you stopped me. I'm not listening to you anymore. I'm taking it out this night whether you like it or not"
Alicia knew she had to warn Angela. She didn't tell her what she heard but she told her Jane was a very bad person. 

Later that night, the ladies went out partying. Ralph called Angela to make sure she was okay. She sounded a bit wasted but still in her senses. Alicia had been having a bad feeling ever since. She stayed back home. She drove to the club to get her sister home. She didn't trust Jane. On getting to the club, she met the other girls dancing tirelessly. She ased after her sister. They tell her Jane took her out because she got drunk.
 Immediately she felt her heart pounding in her chest chest. "No no no no" she cried out. She tried calling Angela but no response. She ran out the club with tears flooding her eyes. She knew she had to call Ralph. Immediately he heard Angela might be in trouble, he quickly drove to the club.  He tried using his phone to track Angela's phone.
 Finally, they found Jane's car in bad shape on a bridge with glass shattered all over and smoke. Alicia started searching the car for her sister, calling out her name. She saw Jane laying on the floor, bruised and in pains but Angela wasn't there. All she found were her shoes and scarf with blood all over it and her engagement ring on the floor.

Ralph picked up the scarf as tears rolled from his eyes. He looked at Alicia who was already wailing profusely...