My take on the criticisms against the Tuface protest - Ify Ezinwa writes

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Popular On air Personel and Content Writter Ezinwa Sandra Ify Has Decided to stand up to her feet to support the Protest which is being pulled by legendary 2baba, in a peice of article shared on her social media platform she express her take on this protest.

In the words of Fela Anikulapo kuti,Music is the weapon.But when Music fails to get to the target audience for some reasons which primarily could be because of the genre of music or the conveyed messages getting beclouded by the melodious tone of a musical piece,it is absolutely not out of place for a "mere musician" as some people put it to carry out much more serious demonstrations like the Tuface protest to be carried out on the 6th of February 2017 at the National stadium surulere Lagos.
Apparently,there has been criticisms,really Unconstructive ones against the movement; so many but I found one really by a Nigerian professor;he said "you're a bloody illiterate,You had sex with all manners of girls without using condoms.You impregnated them and made babies all over the place;now you want to lead protest against the government because of lack of governance.Have you governed your own personal life?Charity they say begins at home,Nonsense" We seem to Forget,Fela Kuti,the Nigerian multi-instrumentalist,musician,pioneer of the Afro beat music genre,human right activist and political maverick,the Man with 27 wives;who came from prison and divorced the 12 that were still with him with countless numbers of children;A man seen today as a hero and celebrated till date with a shrine built in his memory which serves as the host location of the annual felabration festival.Now,I do not intend to compare the life of Fela to that of Tuface but I know that people with common sense can tell that if the moderacy of a person's sexual life is truly a yardstick for measuring how much sense a person makes as our Professor claims,one who can listen & support to Fela Kuti's movement would support even more to Tuface Idibia's! We live in a country whose media is immensely influenced by politics.
Today,news reflects the ideological biases of the journalists and those who are not in support of the present government are vilified just like Governor Fayose;which makes only the brave hearted to stand and speak out while the sycophants who obviously have one or two to gain and the chicken-hearted smile and suffer hoping for the change that will never come!Everyone has their own role to play;it's either you play the brave hearted or the chicken hearted and ofcourse the sycophants too,it is yours to decide but what's unfair and foolish to do is to condemn and even try to go as far as boycotting the plans of brave hearted as Bovi the comedian tweeted. To people who perceive this movement as a publicity stunt,To the people who think Tuface is a tool used by the PDP and to the people who are amazed at his "supposed" sudden interest in politics,I refer you to a single he released in 2014 "vote and not fight"(election no be war) with this,you can tell that he's always indeed got the interest of the masses at heart as well as righting the wrongs through music!Oh yes,I bet you never heard the song cos we all know the kind of Musics that makes a Hit in the Industry of today! It is 2017,the situation has gone past Music as a weapon.It is time we stood our ground firmly for indeed,nothing is getting better and just like Tuface Idibia said "We have been poor and desperate "This truly isn't the change we voted for However,there is indeed no cause for alarm as it is a peaceful demonstration. Stand up Nigeria! 🇳🇬 Stand up for the real change! Stand up!

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